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The NHS Appointment card is available in two styles that feature the NHS logo. Appointment Cards enable your patients to keep track of their dental visits, resulting in fewer missed appointments. The card provides space for your practice contact details, your patients name, dentist and date and time of their...
The NHS Business Card features the NHS logo and is finished in NHS Blue. It is available in a choice of two styles and is personalised with your Practice Name, Staff Details, Practice Address and Contact Details. Single-Sided Print, white back.
Our NHS Compliment Slips are available in 2 styles and feature the NHS logo and are finished in NHS Blue.
The NHS Letterhead is suitable for all NHS practices. It is available in two styles and is finished in NHS Blue. It is personalised with your Practice details.
Running low on The NHS friends and family test (FFT) forms?  This initiative is an important opportunity for your patients to provide feedback on the services, care and treatment you provide. As of 1 April 2015, dental Practices providing treatment commissioned by NHS England have been required to implement the NHS Friends...
The Smile Check Form aids patients on to the beginning of the pathway that leads towards improving their smile and dentistry! It highlights to them why and where they may need the services you can offer. The NHS version is finished with NHS branding.
Our NHS Medical History Forms enable Dentists to gain a broad history of their Patient's health. The forms are easy to fill in and use a combination of tick boxes and spaces for the patient to write their own details. This form includes the NHS logo, and can be printed...
The Patient Information Leaflet introduces your Patients to the Practice Services, Staff, Opening Hours and other Key Information. This product is available as a double sided A4 sheet and a A5 leaflet printed on a four or six sides containing NHS specific information, such as details on the NHS Charge...
This Payment Methods Notice lets patients know how they can pay for their treatment. It states as standard that the Practice will accept debit cards, credit cards and cash, but cannot accept Cheques. The Notice from the NHS Collection features the NHS Logo and Branding. The poster says: Payment Methods...
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Help to protect your staff with our NHS Dental Abuse Policy Notice Notice. The NHS style Notice features the NHS Logo and Branding. Our Abuse policy notices are printed on high-quality paper and are perfect for both placements on Noticeboards and in snap frames. For a Non-NHS branded version check out...
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Any accident that occurs in your Practice must be recorded in an Accident Report Book. This notice reminds staff, clients and visitors of this procedure and encourages witnesses or those involved to inquire at reception in the case of an accident at the Practice. The NHS Accident Reporting Notice option...
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The Cancellation Notice requests that Patients contact the Practice if they are no longer able to attend their appointment. The Notice from the NHS Collection features the NHS Logo and Branding. Like all our posters this is printed on high-quality silk paper and is great for both snap frames and...
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This detailed complaints procedure notice outlines the process Patients need to go through if they wish to make a complaint about the treatment they have received. The wording is reassuring and courteous towards the Patient, to let them know that you will react to their complaint as efficiently and considerately...
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The NHS GDC Principles Notice outlines the Practice's code of conduct in regard of ethical behaviour and treatment. The Guidelines follow industry standards. This poster is a great way to communicate your ethical principles with your clients in your dental practice. The text on the poster is: In line with...
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This friendly and informative leaflet describes the symptoms and treatment process of Dental Abscesses in an easy to read format. This example is finished with NHS branding.
This informative leaflet thoroughly explains the whys, whens and hows of Dental Bridge treatment in a friendly and engaging style. It describes different types of bridges and takes the patient through the treatment process. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Crowns are one of the most common dentistry treatments and this appealing leaflet will reassure your patients of the procedure they may undergo. This example is finished with NHS branding.
This leaflet details the Consultation, Treatment and Aftercare process of Dental Implants. It is set out in a coherent style that balances advantages and disadvantages; enabling your patient to begin to form their own decisions about the treatment possibilities. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Inform your patients of the various types of Filling that are available with this attractive and easy to understand leaflet. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Typically offered to children, fluoride varnishing may cause parents concern if they are not familiar with the treatment. Abate their worries with this leaflet that reassures them of the safety and comfort of this procedure. This example is finished with NHS branding.
This leaflet describes the cosmetic treatment of gum contouring and details what happens during the treatment. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Presented in an attractive layout that describes the advantages and disadvantages of Inlays and Onlays, this leaflet will inform your patients of the treatment process they may undergo. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Myofascial Pain (also known as Temporomandibular Disorder) affects many people at some point throughout their lives. This leaflet lists the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments that are available. This example is finished with NHS branding.
This comprehensive information leaflet explains to patients what to look for if they suspect that they are suffering from Dental Plaque and Tartar, Gingivitis, and Periodontitis. The leaflet also gives pointers to aid prevention of these problems. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Oral surgery doesn't have to be a daunting prospect. This leaflet introduces Wisdom Teeth Removal, Frenectomy, Alveolectomy, and the associated aftercare. It is written in an easy to understand, friendly style, designed to put your patients at ease. This example is finished with NHS Branding.
This educational leaflet is easy to read and understand and explains the theory behind Root Canal treatment in simple yet helpful terms. This example is finished with NHS branding.
This leaflet first explains the eligibility of patients for NHS Orthodontic Treatment. A short overview of the treatment procedure is then given as well a brief passage on Aftercare and Retainers. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Tooth extractions will naturally tend to cause your patients some worry and this friendly leaflet will reassure and inform your patient of the procedure they will undergo. The leaflet also details the recovery period, and options for tooth replacement. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Fissure Sealant is a quick and painless treatment and this leaflet gives an insight into what will happen during the procedure. This example is finished with NHS branding.
Tooth Sensitivity is a particularly common dental issue. This leaflet gives a brief overview of the various causes of tooth sensitivity as well as highlighting the need for good oral hygiene in order to prevent further issues. This example is finished with NHS branding.
This detailed leaflet explains the process behind fitting Veneers in friendly and clear language. It follows a Consultation, Treatment, and then Aftercare format as it outlines the advantages and disadvantages to each stage. This example is finished with NHS branding.
X-rays are an excellent tool for dental problem diagnosis and this leaflet explains their use in straightforward language. It then goes on to introduce your patients to the different types of X-Ray that may be used. This example is finished with NHS branding.


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