Glossary of Terms

A - Z

Compliance – We love looking at the NHS guidelines, CQC and GDC rules and do our best to make sure that all our products have all the right information, small print and logos. Hopefully this means that you don’t have to worry about this, but we would always recommend double checking and do let us know if you spot something or are told something different upon inspections. 

Domain – This is the www. address that you use for your website or e-mail.

GSM – is an acronym standing for ‘Grams per Square Meter’. It denotes the quality of paper that is being ordered, the higher the GSM number, the heavier/thicker the paper. We always err on the side of quality and have selected appropriate GMS for our products. e.g. 100GSM is the standard thickness for a good quality letterhead/photocopy paper, we offer 120GSM in our premium range, and at the opposite end of the spectrum 400GSM  is a very high quality thick strong card.

Hosting – Your website needs to be ‘kept’ somewhere so we will host it on our servers. These servers are a cost to us to run so we pass on a small annual charge for this service.

Matt laminate (Matt Lam) - This process coats the printed sheet with an extremely thin layer of either glossy or matt plastic. It should not be confused with encapsulation which uses much thicker plastic, and which extends beyond the edges of the item being encapsulated. The advantages of lamination are that it provides a highly professional, extra smooth finish, as well as protecting the paper or card surface from markings such as fingerprints and scratches caused by everyday handling.

Paper / poster sizes:

  • A0 – Very large outdoor poster, ideally for a pavement sign (twice the size of A1)
  • A1 – Suitable for outside or a large waiting area (twice the size of A2)
  • A2 – Suitable for a waiting room or reception area (twice the size of A3)
  • A3 – Suitable for a smaller waiting room or reception area (twice the size of A4)
  • A4 – Standard size of letterhead, posters in this size would be suitable for display on a reception desk, back of the loo door etc.
  • A5 – Half the size of A4, ideal for a leaflet or flyer
  • DL - One third of the size of A4, ideal for compliment slips  

PP – is an acronym standing for ‘printed pages’. It will tell you how many printed pages are in a booklet e.g. an A5 4pp leaflet, is A4 folded in half printed on all sides.

POS - is an acronym for 'Point of Sale' these are items to help display your marketing materials .

Servers - large computers capable of holding a lot of data.

Sides - you might see us refer to a 1pp or a 2pp print for business cards, this means the number of sides you would like printed. So a 2pp business card is printed front and back whereas a 1pp business card is only printed on the front. Similarly a 4pp leaflet has 4 pages (imagine a piece of A4 folded in half).

4 Colour – the number of colours used in the print process


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